**question on 1 & 1 count *****

Would like to know you feeling with regard to the 1 & 1 count. It has proven that it really doesn’t save time and that all it does is to allow the players more at bats.
Before it was installed the average batter at the top of the order would get 3.2 at bats and the bottom part would average 2.7.
But with the 1 & 1 count it has changed to the top getting 4.7 at bats and the bottom getting 3.5 at bats per game. So with a 60 minute game time we still use the whole 60 minutes with the average game only going 5.5 innings. With the addition of the 5 minute rule we have stopped the game from going 1 hour and 20 minutes so guess there is no need for the 1 & 1 count even if it is a tournament rule. If you remember this is a recreational competitive league and we have way more rules to protect the players then the tournament rules. Let me know your opinion.

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